To show you how easy it is to communicate with your customers via texting, here’s a look at how our system works.

First, your dashboard is divided into 3 sections:

Texting, Recent Activity, and Conversation 

The “Texting Section” is where you determine who is going to get what message and also decide on when it will be sent.

Pretty straightforward, just add a customers name and phone number, use the template drop down and hit send.  If you’ve had a previous conversation with your customer, as you start typing their name, it will bring up the info for you. No need to search or enter their info twice.  You can either use the drop down templates, type your own text, or a combination. Choosing a template will populate the “Custom” field and you can edit your message right there. If you want to add a photo, just choose the image from your files and it will be sent in the text message.  All messages will be sent immediately unless you opt to schedule them. A scheduled message can be set to remind a customer of their next service, remind them of an appointment the day before, etc. Pretty handy as you’re checking out a customer to agree on a date to remind them by text.

Automotive Texting Panel

The “Recent Activity Section” is where you see the list of customers & recent interactions.

Again, almost too simple.  The list shows you all of the customers that you have had conversations with (newest on top), their phone number and when the last message was exchanged.  Any customer that has replied to you and you have not read the message will appear in yellow. To send a message to a customer in the list or to look up a previous conversation, just click on their name and the “Send Text” boxes are filled in with the name and phone number and the past conversations appears on the right in the “Conversation Section”, no need to enter their info again to send a new text.  If you need to look up a past conversation, there’s a search box where you can start typing a phone number, or name and it will narrow down the list in this box of only conversations that match your search input. Once you have the person on your screen, just click their name to send them a text or view past conversations.

The “Conversation Section” is where you can see the conversation of sent and received messages from any one person.

Very simple, when you send or receive a message, it shows up here.  If you select a person from the history list, it will show their whole conversation here. Each message sent or received is marked with a timestamp and the whole list can easily be printed if needed. Any images or Emojis will also be shown inline with the conversation. Right clicking a photo will allow you to view it fullsize.

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