Desktop Texting Designed For the Auto Repair Shop
$30 per month with no contract
Integrates with most management systems

The Problem – Lost Time and Productivity:

You know the story; the vehicle is in the bay, parts in stock and the Tech is ready to go. You’ve left a voicemail on the customers cell and house phone, you’ve emailed them and now 20 minutes has gone by and your Tech is at a standstill. You tell your Tech to go ahead and move on to the next car for now because you couldn’t get the approval. Then, either the customer just shows up to pick up the car 1/2 hour before closing, or they call you back 5 minutes after the Tech has started working on the next car. Either way, you just lost precious time waiting for a call back, costing you thousands each month in lost sales and productivity

The Fix – Texting Your Customers From the Desktop

Stop waiting for that call back and stop the disruptive phone calls asking about an update. Send and receive text messages from your desktop! Customized drop down templates and integration with your shop management system makes it quick and easy. Communicate with your customers without a mobile app or separate cell phone sitting on the desk. No contracts, no hardware to buy, and best of all, a FREE TRIAL.